Cards/Notelets - 12 cards by Corey Raffel


SKU: S-Cards-12-Corey-1

This set of mixed cards features 12 cards featuring the work of Corey Raffel and shows various Parrot species. The photographs were gifted by Corey.

4.13 x 5.85 inches folded.

Each card is folded with the image on one side and detail on the back, the inside is left plain each comes with its own envelope and can be used as 'thank you' 'greetings cards' notelets or just to keep and enjoy.

Made to the same standard as our art cards using a 300gm card stock

Pack contains 12 different cards. 

  • Hyacinth Macaw. 2 images
  • Vinaceous Amazon
  • Yellow-collard Macaw
  • White-bellied Parrot
  • Cactus Conure
  • Scarlet Macaw. 2 images
  • Crimson-bellied Conure
  • Blue-headed Macaw
  • Yellow-chevroned Parakeet
  • Red-and-green Macaw

Customer Reviews

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The notecards with photographs

The notecards are truly beautiful. They are wonderful educational tools for both the sender and the receiver. The photographer is truly gifted. I really enjoy sharing these notecards with my family and friends alike. Thank you for making them available for all to enjoy