Yellow-crested Cockatoo

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Yellow-Crested Cockatoos (Cacatua sulphurea) are gorgeous to look at – but you might be hard-pressed to find any in the wild. Critically Endangered in the wild, only 2,000 individuals remain, having suffered steep declines from habitat loss and illegal trade.

 Your Yellow-crested Cockatoo adoption package includes:

  • Cockatoo Plush toy.
  • Symbolic Adoption Certificate
  • Cockatoo Photo and Fact Card
  • Cockatoo poster
  • Page of Stickers
  • Cotton bag

The non toy option does not include a toy or bag

Your symbolic adoption of a Yellow-Crested Cockatoo will help WPT to continue our important work for all parrot

Shipped from the UK

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Christina Ann Wiehoff
Plushy Doesn't Look Pissed Off In Real Life As In The Photo!

I got this for a Christmas present for my husband because it went along with an inside joke we have running and WPT doesn't have any of the parrot species we actually have, except buggies... But the biggest part of the gift is supporting Parrot conservation through WPT which means the most to my husband and I.

Please expand the species available in these!
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We want Caiques (Bothe Yellow Thighed & Blacked Capped!)
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