Natural Parrot Toys from the World Parrot Trust

Natural Parrot Toys from the World Parrot Trust

We are delighted to bring you our Natural Parrot enrichment toys and spare parts developed and created by the World Parrot Trust. Each toy is created from non-dyed and untreated components and these are chosen to give maximum stimulus for your companion bird. There are different textures and hardness, ‘chewability’ and places to hide treats.

We also carefully select components for safety but please follow our guidelines below and be especially vigilant with any loops and knots.

We will be expanding our range to include a broader range of toys to suite many species

Guidelines for introducing a new toy to your parrot:

  • Toys can enhance the quality of your companion parrot’s life by providing environmental enrichment. We recommend specific toy sizes for different species as a suggestion only. Use your best judgment when it comes to the safety and happiness of your bird.
  • As parrots are naturally fearful, it is important to introduce the toy slowly and carefully. Allow him to see the toy outside of the cage first, have him get used to it, then try installing it inside the cage.
  • Always check the toy before and after use for any loose threads, or broken and sharp areas. Never leave your parrot unattended with a toy. Remove all packaging and untie any looped cord
  • Please note that due to cross-contamination toys cannot be returned

Size guide

Every Parrot is different and you know your own companion bird better than us. The size guides throughout the descriptions is only a very broad guide.

Very small (Budgies, Lovebirds, Parrotlets), small (Conures, Caiques, Cockatiels, Senegals, some mini-macaws) medium-large (African greys, Eclectus, mini-macaws, Amazons, small cockatoos), Very large (Large macaws, Large cockatoos)

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